Sugar and Weight Loss – The Sweet Truth

Sugar is often used in weight loss supplements in order to make them taste better. Sugar is a very popular substance, and many people do not think twice about adding it to coffee or tea everyday.

In fact, the average person will consume over 150 pounds of sugar per year. But, sugar may not be as good for weight loss as people have thought. This article will discuss the topic of sugar and weight loss in greater detail.

Glucose is the healthful sugar that is found in fruits and vegetables. Glucose sugar is a naturally occurring sugar that promotes weight loss and the curing of diseases.

Glucose sugar is released very slowly in the bloodstream, which means that the blood sugar level does not spike when glucose sugar is consumed.

Glucose sugar provides energy for the body to use and is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy body.

Sucrose is the poisonous sugar that man has invented from beets and sugar cane. Sucrose is the table sugar that people sprinkle over their cereal in the morning.

Sucrose sugar is among the deadliest substances known to man. Sucrose sugar is a major reason why people are so obese.

Along with obesity, sucrose sugar causes diabetes, hypoglycemia, tooth decay, baldness, blindness, cancer, heart disease and numerous other deadly complications.

In conclusion, yes, sugar is excellent for weight loss. But only if it is the sugar found in raw fruits and vegetables, not if it is the sucrose sugar that is found in virtually all processed foods.