How to Deal With Sugar Cravings?

Sugar if taken in excess is bad for health. Sugar is taken in many forms – raw sugars, sweets, chocolates. Most people have a sweet tooth. Some crave for it. They eat a lot of it, which affects their health. They are prone to obesity, Diabetes and other sugar related problems. How do they get over these cravings?

How to Overcome Sugar Cravings?

  • Recognize and acknowledge your problem, that you crave for sugar
  • Develop the instinct to eat plenty of salads. Go in for a vegetarian diet
  • Reduce the intake of sweets. Avoid them completely if your are suffering from sugar related health problems
  • Avoid junk food. Tasting them means, you would like to have more of them
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Have hot sugarless tea or coffee as substitutes to relax. Lemon tea is good. Replace high- sugar drinks with low carbohydrate drinks
  • Do exercises if you have cravings. Instead of eating something sweet go for a walk
  • One can go in for adrenal supplements
  • Increase your will power
  • Replace sweets with other foods
  • More protein intake reduces sugar cravings
  • Eat more fiber and healthy fats
  • Cut down on daily calorie intake
  • Do not skip meals as this may increase the cravings
  • Do not keep high calorie sweets in the house
  • Keep your meals simple. The more side dishes you have the more cravings you will have and tend to overeat
  • Choose side dishes with a sweet taste. If you satiety your cravings for sugar, you will eat less of sweets etc
  • Taste a little bit to overcome the feeling of having a sweet or two

Craving for sugar needs to be overcome as it could lead to serious health problems. One needs to make dietary changes and take healthy substitutes for sugary products.