Dangerous Delights: Are They Causing Your Sugar Intake To Spike?

Birthday cakes, Mom’s apple pie, Brownie a la mode, Girl Scout cookies, chocolate candy and even soft drinks. What do they all have in common? They  all have a high percentage of sugar.  And do they taste good? Absolutely. Are they so readily available every where we look? Absolutely. They are quick, fast, cheap and at our finger tips.  Thus, many of us get way  too much sugar. And, we might just be getting addicted to it. It’s not hard to do. But those dangerous delights are causing your sugar intake to take a big leap upwards, and that is not good for your health.

Sugar cravings is basically a term to explain that state of being where the person is not able to control his desire for sugar. He thinks about it, feels he has to have it. It can totally take over his thoughts until he gets it. Many people do not even recognize their sugar cravings for what it is. They just see it as: well, it tastes good, so I want it. The reality of it is: it’s the sugar intake that is talking to their body and wanting more, and more and more.

Think about this: when you have a steak, baked potato and salad for dinner, are you satisfied? Do you ever think of having a second one?  Probably not. It has fueled your body with the nutrients and calories it needs for energy and satisfaction.

When you have that piece of chocolate birthday cake, do you want a 2nd one?  Most of us do. Whether you go for it or not, is immaterial.  It is the wanting of it that will drive you crazy and go for it. That high sugar intake will cause your blood sugar to spike, and then plummet, and then you will look for something to bring you back up again.

There are two hormones affected by your sugar intake. They  are Adrenaline and Serotonin. Adrenalin is released whenever there is a high intensity activity. It uses a lot of energy. So you need to replenish it…and what do we reach for: more sugar. Serotonin is more of a feel good hormone. It is generally released in smaller amounts and exercise is an alternative way of getting it.

Stopping sugar cravings, by limiting your sugar intake, is important if you want to maintain safe sugar levels in your body. Excess sugar can have an adverse affect on your liver, pancreas, and overall health. I do not know of anyone who ever wanted to be a diabetic. Take small, consistent steps to reduce your sugar intake. Your body will thank you.